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Specializing in Social Security Disability Benefits
      I am Attorney Milton Gary Emmerson. I have been handling Social Security Disability Benefit cases since 1978. My main area of focus is to maximize the full potential of benefits available to you. Within this website I will give you basic information and a brief description of the steps to take, to qualify for Social Security Benefits. Claimants greatly increase their likelihood of winning if they are represented by a lawyer. Additionally, many claimants become discouraged and apathetic due to the long wait either for a hearing or an award on the record. I will assist you and explain the situation, or delay to you and gather the necessary medical records. A vocational expert appears at most of the hearings. A vocational expert identifies jobs a claimant can perform based on his or her limitations. A lawyer can present evidence to counter that given by the vocational expert. The lawyer can pose hypothetical questions to the vocational expert, which either  build upon the ones asked by the judge or are new questions presented by the lawyer. Please feel free to navigate within my website for further information, or contact me and I will be pleased to answer your additional questions. There is no retainer fee.  I get paid when you get paid.